Artificial home lighting

THE UNI/TS 11826:2021 “Lighting of domestic residential interiors with artificial light” has been published, which provides the requirements for the execution, operation and verification of artificial lighting systems present in domestic residential indoor environments.

The technical specification was drawn up as part of the work of the UNI/CT 023/GL 10 Group “Energy Saving of Buildings” of the “Light and Lighting” Commission.

As far as lighting design is concerned, the different environments that may be present in a home have been treated, such as:

  1. kitchen;
  2. dining room;
  3. living room;
  4. bathroom;
  5. bedroom;
  6. transit zones (entrances, corridor and stairs);
  7. laundry;
  8. closet and cellar;
  9. areas used for work activities (taking into account the recent way of working smart working);
  10. outdoor areas.

La UNI/TS 11826:2021 sull’illuminazione artificiale domestica è scaricabile a pagamento dal sito UNI.